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Kabaddi is a sport most commonly found in Asia. Sometimes referred to as Kaudi, and a host of other nicknames, it is a contact sport. Kabaddi has its origins in ancient India, and the country plays host to most major competitions. This is despite Bangladesh making it their national sport. Kabaddi is also one of the most frequently wagered on sports in India.

In this gambling guide, we’ll show Indian bettors how to get the most out of betting on kabaddi. We’ll walk you through the basic bets involved in the game. We at BettingsitesinIndia.in discuss major kabaddi tournaments and competitions. Of course we will also showcase top kabaddi betting sites for Indian players. In fact, that makes an ideal starting point on our journey. Let’s begin by showing you a host of reputable, trusted sites that you can bet on.

Play At Our Top Kabaddi Betting Sites for Indians Today

Kabaddi is a sport most popular in India. While it may not get much coverage in many international domains, there are plenty of Indian sportsbooks supporting it. Our team has scouted the net looking for the best ones. Each has received our certificate of approval and is amongst the best bookmakers in India. Moreover, each site has a wealth of kabaddi markets and selections for you to choose from. Our most trusted and reputable Indian kabaddi betting sites include:

Kabaddi Betting Sites in India
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How to Find the Best Indian Kabaddi Betting Sites

There are certain things that a kabaddi betting site should offer. We’re not going to get into the things they shouldn’t provide bettors – after all; these are the same as any bad casino or sportsbook. However, our team has spent years looking at kabaddi at betting sites. Popular betting sites are Crickex India, Betstarexch India and 24betting India. We know what makes a top site tick, and we’re going to share that information with you. We generally tend to look for the following:

  • Licenses and Regulation: A top kabaddi betting site will be safe and secure. It should be licensed and regulated to ensure fair play. Moreover, it will payout its customers in a speedy manner and with minimal fuss.
  • Plenty of Markets and Selections: Top kabaddi betting sites always support a wealth of markets and selections. While the Indian competitions will be the most popular, we will also look for other tournaments. The more tournaments there are, the more likely you can bet year-round on the sport.
  • Fair Odds: Having an array of markets and selections is one thing. You also want to make sure that the odds you receive are fair. We use odds comparison tools to ensure that any Indian bookmakers we support offer competitive odds. We strongly suggest you do the same if you don’t choose one of our recommended kabaddi betting sites.
  • India-Centric Gameplay: Kabaddi is an Indian sport, and it appeals to Indian bettors. Therefore, Indians should be able to use a wealth of homegrown payment methods. On top of that, we expect the Indian rupee to be the currency of choice. Any promos and bonuses offered should also be INR-friendly and eligible for use with kabaddi betting.

These are just the major criteria we look for in kabaddi betting sites – there are others. However, if a betting site doesn’t fulfill these checkboxes, you can rest assured that it won’t feature here. We only want to promote the very best kabaddi betting sites for Indian players.

kabaddi betting in india

Kabaddi Betting

Betting on kabaddi is rather like betting on any other contact sport. These are scores, points, and events you can choose to wager on. Given that India’s premier competition regularly pulls in over 450 million viewers, there is plenty of interest. Naturally, all the mainstream and reputable Indian bookmakers have started offering a wealth of options for you to choose from. Before you can bet on kabaddi, though, you must first decide which competition is for you. Join us as we first explore kabaddi competitions and then the types of bets you can place. We’ll have you up to speed in no time at all.

Major Kabaddi Tournaments and Competitions

There are many different kabaddi tournaments and competitions you can choose to bet on. However, unlike other mainstream sports, the start dates for these competitions can vary wildly. The Kabaddi World Cup and Pro Kabaddi League, in particular, aren’t always held according to schedule. Allow us to introduce you to some of the mainstream events right here.

  • The Kabaddi World Cup: Held between international teams and run by the International Kabaddi Federation (IKF). It features men’s and women’s national teams. It was held in 2004, 2007, 2016 and 2019.
  • Asian Games: This competition is run every four years, and kabaddi is just one event there. For the first time in history, India did not retain the gold. Instead, the 2018 event went to Iran.
  • Pro Kabaddi League: India’s premier league is modelled on the Indian Premier League. Over 450 million viewers watch it. The PKL uses a slightly different variation from the conventional rules.
  • Indo International Premier League: This competition is the kabaddi equivalent of the Champions League.
  • Asian Kabaddi Championship: Another international competition played between Asian national teams.
  • Kabaddi Masters: This international competition is held in the UAE and features just six national teams.
  • Super Kabaddi League: Pakistan’s own premier league debuted in 2018. It has been designed to promote the sport in India’s neighbouring country.

Alongside these competitions, there are other events available to bet on. The European Kabaddi League was first held in 2019, while the Junior World Kabaddi Championship offers amateur betting options. Any decent Indian betting site worth its salt will host and support bets from these competitions and many more.

Popular Bets at Indian Betting Sites

Kabaddi uses a slightly different set of common bets than other contact sports. There are precious few similarities between India’s two most popular sports (kabaddi and cricket) when it comes to bets. Let’s walk you through the most common kabaddi bets right here. They include:

  • Outright Bet: This is a bet on which side will win a match. However, sometimes you can place outrights to predict the winner of a tournament. Of course, this must be done before the tournament begins.
  • Top Raider Bet: These bets consist of wagers on which raiders will perform better than others. The best performing players typically receive low odds, while dark horses receive far longer odds.
  • Top Tackles Bet: With this bet, you can select one player to be the Top Tackler. If they pull off the most tackles in a match, you’ll win your bet.
  • Team to Score X Points in 1st Half: This is a wager that one team will score a specific number of points in the first half. The bookmaker may determine the “X”, or you can set that yourself. Note that in PKL games, there is a high scoring ratio in matches. Some bookmakers, therefore, offer 15 points for these matches.
  • Totals: These are kabaddi wagers on the total number of points either team will score. You need to be exact with these bets. However, overs and unders have more flexibility.
  • Correct Score: Correct score bets are so difficult to pull off. However, because of this, they offer the greatest reward in terms of prizes.

The other types of kabaddi bets you can place at Indian sportsbooks are more commonplace. You may recognise them from other sports. These can include Double Chance, Overs/Unders, Asian/Super Totals, Handicaps, Futures, Props, and Even/Odd Score bets, amongst many more.

Kabaddi Bonuses and Promotions

Kabaddi is a sport that may have its own exclusive bonuses and promotions. In most cases, these will be special, one-off deals on specific matches. However, conventional welcome bonuses and redeposit options will also likely shine at kabaddi betting sites. The first thing you should look for is whether a bonus or promo can be used to place kabaddi bets. If it can, then we can move on to the other options.

The next things we need to check for are wagering requirements and terms and conditions. Any bonus claimed should be fair, and it should have a low playthrough rate. Finally, it should have a decent max win cap and minimum odds limits that aren’t too low or high. Most of the betting sites we promote can manage to offer such deals.

Top Tips for Betting on Kabaddi

The tips we can provide for betting on kabaddi aren’t much different from those you’d find elsewhere in other sports. Even so, after betting on the Indian sport for years, we’ve learned a few things. We’re going to share our top kabaddi betting tips with you right here.

  • Kabaddi is a contact sport. This means that injuries can occur. Always check team sheets for injuries and fatigue before you place your bet. A team missing their star player is likely to perform worse than if he/she was fit.
  • Check the rules for the competition you are betting on. Some kabaddi competitions (such as the Indian league) use different rules. This can affect your bet and the likelihood of winning. This is especially true when placing totals, overs and unders.
  • Home and away advantages/disadvantages aren’t overly important in kabaddi. Don’t waste your time thinking too much about this.
  • It is worth considering form, though. Kabaddi is a game where if a team is on a roll, they will likely continue that. A close-knit group of players with confidence can often make all the difference.
  • Matches between two evenly matched teams are more prone to shock results than, say, in football. Iran’s win over India in 2018 is proof of that. Of course, this means that you can get decent odds when betting on long shots when betting on kabaddi.

Join India’s Best Kabaddi Betting Sites Today

Armed with the kabaddi betting knowledge that we’ve provided; you may be ready to bet. If so, where will you place your bets? We’d recommend scrolling to the top of the page to find a top selection of kabaddi betting sites. Each has our seal of approval and is amongst the most trusted sites in India. We’ve thoroughly reviewed and approved each site. You can trust the domains we recommend as they are the best kabaddi betting sites in India today.

FAQS – We Answer Your Kabaddi Betting Questions

Finally, we’ll end with our customary FAQ guide. Here are a few answers to your most asked kabaddi betting questions.

Can only Indian players bet on kabaddi?

Not at all. Any gambler in the world can bet on kabaddi. This is, of course, assuming that they are playing at a bookmaker that supports kabaddi bets. All our reputable Indian betting sites do.

Do all Indian betting sites accept kabaddi bets?

They should do. Given the popularity of the sport in India, it would be crazy for an Indian sportsbook not to offer them. All our Indian sports betting sites certainly offer kabaddi as one of many possible selections for Indians to choose from.

Can I watch kabaddi live at sportsbooks?

That really depends on where you choose to play. At some Indian betting sites, this won’t be an issue. If a sportsbook has a license to stream kabaddi live, they will do so. Most haven’t acquired the streaming rights, though. Check our reviews to find out which ones do so.

Can I claim a kabaddi bonus at bookmakers?

Again, this is something that will vary from Indian site to site. While exclusive kabaddi bonuses aren’t common, general welcome and redeposit bonuses can be found. Moreover, they can often be used to wager on kabaddi online.

Which is the most popular kabaddi competition to bet on?

The Pro Kabaddi League in India is clearly the top competition in the world. However, there are international tournaments and domestic competitions that take place in other countries. A top Indian betting site will offer you a decent mix of many of these to bet on.

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