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Cricket holds an exceptionally special place in the heart of Indian sports fans and bettors alike. Nip into any Indian bookmaker, and you’ll find no shortage of cricket markets and selections. Of all the options you have in front of you, the IPL is the big one. The Indian Premier League is one of the most watched sporting events in the sub-continent. Naturally, there are plenty of ways to bet on this game at Indian betting sites.

Your average nickel-a-dime site will support thousands of selections. There are bets for beginners and seasoned pros alike. However, not everybody knows where to begin. If you are new to wagering on the Indian Premier League, where do you start? Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place here at Betting sites in India. Join us as we explain the Indian Premier League, its bets, and markets. We’ll discuss where it is best to bet on the IPL. We’ll cover top tips for betting on the IPL and other cricket competitions. If you’re ready to dive into cricket betting in India, carry on reading.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty concerning Indian cricket betting, let’s do one thing. Let’s begin by exploring some of the top Indian Premier League betting sites out there.

Play At Our Top IPL Betting Sites for Indians Today

Before you can stake cash on the Indian Premier League, you’ll need to find a top site. We’ve got dozens of top Indian betting sites for you to choose from right here. It may seem overwhelming at first, but we’ll soon clear up any confusion. Scroll through the list below, and you’ll come across the best in the business. Each of their sites is secured, licensed, and regulated. They represent the safest Indian sportsbooks to choose from, and each has our seal of approval. Here is our top list of recommended Indian betting sites:

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Understanding the IPL

Now that you have an idea where to bet on cricket, it is worth looking at the competition itself. The Indian Premier League first debuted in 2008, when it immediately became the premier cricket competition in the country. Since then, it has been played between March and May annually. The tournament is based on T20 (Twenty20) cricket and is watched by over thirty million viewers. The competition increases in popularity year on year.

The Indian Premier League – How Does It Work?

The structure of the IPL has changed over the years. It used to consist of a round-robin system. However, groups and playoffs became the norm in 2011, as they tried to mimic American sports. Ten teams regularly compete in the Indian Premier League. These are not clubs (as in football) but franchises and brands. This makes them equivalent to American sports teams.

The IPL is one of the leading (and most financially rewarding) cricket competitions in the world. Unsurprisingly, there’s plenty of interest in betting on it. While the group stage attracts attention, it is the playoffs where real money can be made. The top two IPL teams in each group meet in the playoffs, with the winners advancing to the final.

Because of the limited number of teams competing, a season doesn’t last long. Naturally, this means that most of the betting takes place in a very brief three-month window. For the rest of the year, India’s cricket sports betting fans tend to splash their cash on other competitions. Besides our top list with IPL betting apps / sites, also check brands like Betstarexch or 24Betting com.

ipl betting in india
IPL Cricket

Find the Best Indian IPL Betting App or Websites Online

Assuming you want to bet on the IPL, where do you begin? You can play on a IPL betting app or website. As touched on, we’ve put together a superb list of reputable and recommended betting sites above. However, you can always choose to go it alone and seek out your own sportsbooks. We’ll even show you how to go about that on this page.

Naturally, there is no Indian sportsbook located in India. The country’s gambling laws mean that you’re going to have to venture abroad to offshore sites. The first thing you’re going to want to look for is the IPL. It must be offered as a selection; otherwise ,you’re wasting your time. On top of that, you’re going to want to ensure that Indian rupees are accepted. Any bonuses and promos should be claimable by Indians, and India-friendly payment options should be supported. We’re thinking of options like NetBanking, RuPay, and PayTM, but there are others.


Any Indian sportsbook you choose to play at should also be licensed. We’d only play at regulated sites as these are the safest around. The odds made available at these sportsbooks should be competitive. This means that they should be better or on par with those found at rival Indian betting sites. The availability of live and in-play bets is a personal preference. Some Indian bettors don’t care for them, and others do. If live streaming of cricket matches and live, in-play betting is important to you, make sure your sites offer them.

As touched on, you can save yourself the trouble by choosing to play at our recommended sites. Each of these has been given the once over by our team. We have checked to ensure that it fulfils all the criteria above and many more. Each site is then compared to those in our database to ensure that it competes. If it does, it will receive a review and can be found on our page. If we come across an Indian sportsbook that doesn’t compete, you’ll never hear of it again.

Betting on the IPL: Bets You Need to Know

Now that you’ve made the decision to bet on the IPL, what can you bet on? The Indian Premier League features many different markets and selections. Each sportsbook may have its own offerings, too. We’ll walk you through some of the more common options below and discuss what they mean. It is important to note that not all options may be available in every sportsbook. However, most Indian IPL betting app or sites will support the following options:

  • 1st Over Total Runs: This is the number of runs scored in the first over. You can opt to bet on the second over or others if you prefer.
  • Coin Toss Winner: With this bet, you are wagering on which franchise wins the coin toss before the game.
  • Futures: This bet is a wager on “something” happening. For instance, you could bet on a franchise to win the IPL before the season starts.
  • Man of the Match: This is a straightforward bet on one player to end up as Man of the Match.
  • Match Handicap: Handicaps even the odds between favourites and underdogs. Here, a favourite will need to perform by a given number of runs. An underdog can win if they don’t lose by more than a given number of runs.
  • Match Winner: With this bet, you are simply wagering money on one of the sides to come out as a winner.
  • Outrights: This is a bet on a winner of either a single match or the league.
  • Over/Unders: An over/under bet is a wager that a team will score more runs (or less) than the bookmaker believes they will.
  • Player Performance: There is no specific definition for this bet. It is a wager on one of several things. Each bookmaker will have its own take on what player performances bets they support.
  • Top Batsman: With this bet, you are wagering on which batsman will score the most runs.
  • Top Bowler: A Top Bowler bet is a wager on the bowler to score the most wickets.
  • Total Wickets: A bet on the number of wickets taken by a team in a match.
  • Totals: These can again represent anything. They may be combinations of the bets already listed or the number of runs or wickets scored in a match. Again, each bookie has its own total bets available.

Tips for Being Successful at IPL Betting

Before you rush off and start gambling on the IPL, it is worth noting a few things. Below you will find a series of tips for betting on the Indian Premier League. We believe that all the following are important when wagering on the IPL:

  • Make a note of where the match is being played. The venue can be difficult for some teams on the road. Home advantage is usually a very real thing that can affect player morale and the outcome of a match.
  • Keep an eye out for a team and player’s form. Matches where there isn’t much riding on it can swing either way. However, championship battles tend to see players perform better.
  • Each franchise will have its strengths and weaknesses. Try to identify what these are before you choose to bet. This is especially true when you’re looking at batsman or bowler bets.
  • While injuries aren’t common in cricket, fatigue is. These are both things that can shake things up, so keep an eye out for them before wagering.
  • Never assume that because Team A has beaten Team B years ago; they will do the same again. Head-to-head records are handy as stats but don’t always translate into bets. The current form is more important than anything that may have happened in recent years.

Betting on Other Cricket Events at IPL Betting Sites

While the IPL season only lasts three months, you’re not entirely out of luck. There are other cricket events that you can bet on. The Bangladeshi, English, Pakistani and West Indies leagues are all popular with Indian bettors. Australia and South African leagues also get a look in. Any reputable Indian sportsbook and IPL betting site will also offer these markets. If you get invested in these leagues, too, you can guarantee that you’ll always have cricket games to bet on. On top of these, there are international and T20 cricket matches that you may wish to consider.

Join India’s Best Sites Offering IPL Betting Today

Armed with the IPL betting knowledge that we’ve provided you, it could be time to bet. Of course, depending on when you read this, it may be too late or too soon. However, you can use the same knowledge and tips to take on other cricket competitions. Again, our top Indian betting sites can support many of these competitions.

Our expert team of reviewers has all the tips and reviews you need to make an educated decision. Scroll up to the top of our page to find the ideal Indian betting site for your needs. We’ll guarantee that there’s something for everyone here.

FAQS – We Answer Your IPL Betting Questions

It is understandable if you still have several questions relating to Indian Premier League betting. If you have IPL betting questions that you want answered, we’ll try to assist you with this FAQ guide.

Is betting on the IPL like wagering on other cricket events?

There is virtually no difference between them. You’ll find the same types of bets whether you wager on the IPL or other major cricket competitions. The only thing that differs is when the competitions are played.

Can I bet on the IPL with Indian rupees?

Absolutely. All Indian IPL betting sites support INR deposits, withdrawals, and stakes. We can’t guarantee that all international cricket betting sites will do, though.

Is it only Indian sportsbooks that offer IPL bets?

No. Virtually all leading sportsbooks accept Indian Premier League bets. This means India-facing sites and international sportsbooks alike. The odds you get, and the availability of live streaming may vary between the sites, though.

Can I use tips and advice when betting on the IPL?

You can use any of the advice we’ve detailed above to bet on the IPL. However, it is important that you note that this is all we’re offered – advice. There is no such thing as a guaranteed method to win when betting on the IPL.

How can I get better at predicting IPL matches?

The best advice we have is to tell you to watch the matches. Don’t just watch your team, either. Watch all the matches you can. We’d even advise watching matches from previous seasons. The more knowledge you can build up, the more accurate your bets will be.

Can I watch IPL games at Indian sportsbooks?

That really depends on the sportsbook you choose to sign up at. Some Indian Premier League betting sites support live streaming, and some do not. Find out if yours does with our reviews.

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