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We live at a time when many of today’s top Indian betting sites have been developed in HTML5. This means that it isn’t strictly necessary to play via betting apps. The instant play experience allows you to play games on the go using a web browser. However, casino and sports betting apps are still popular at some sites. Ultimately, it is the casinos and sportsbooks themselves that will determine how available such apps are.

This is a gambling topic that will be of great interest to some Indian bettors. Choosing to play at mobile casinos can see you opt to play in various ways, and we’ll cover those. Join us at Betting Sites in India as we explore betting apps. Allow us to begin the process by showcasing a few top betting applications available to Indians today.

Play with Top Betting Apps for Indians Today

Not all Indian casinos and sportsbooks support betting apps. While almost all offer iOS and Android-friendly gameplay for the masses via HTM5, it is a different story for apps. Even if you find a site that offers an app, you may find that it isn’t suitable for all operating systems. You need ones that are. You can find some of our team’s best and most recommended apps for Indians below. They include:

Betting Apps in India
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Betting Applications Explained

When we think of casino and betting apps, they are usually downloadable. Almost all downloadable betting apps are Android-friendly. Only a handful of betting apps are suitable for iOS users. What you’re looking at is an “app” or downloadable piece of software tailored to mobile action. This may mean that it is well-suited to being used on devices with smaller screens. Parimatch and Dafabet are well-known for there betting applications.

Mobile betting apps may have smaller gaming and betting collections than browser-based action. Moreover, apps may come with specific payment options that only mobile users can use. There are other perks, too, but also some disadvantages. We’ll look at those in the next section.

You aren’t required to use betting apps to play. Most Indian betting sites now offer an HTML5 interface for you to use. This is basically a browser-friendly version of the site. Naturally, it is a version that is agreeable to all. Moreover, this type of site also runs well on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can use it to play on the go without downloading the apps mentioned above.

Such browser-friendly sites will be designed using HTML5. If you come across any Indian betting site that is built using HTML5, you can use it on any device. HTML5 betting sites will feature menus and navigational options that are suitable for mobile users. Moreover, they will support games that are mobile optimised for gaming on the go.

Why Play with Online Betting Apps in India?

There are various reasons why Indian players may wish to bet with apps for betting. There are naturally disadvantages, too. Let’s begin by looking at the positives. These include:

  • If you are using an older mobile phone, then HTML5, browser-based “apps” are ideal. Downloadable betting apps tend to be designed for newer devices with better specifications. Browser-based options can usually run perfectly fine on older tablets and smartphones.
  • Betting apps offer a more dedicated experience than browser-based options. These may include games that are customised for mobile action. They may also feature bonuses and promos and payment options only suitable for mobile bettors.
  • Bonuses and promotions that are tailor-made to mobile users may be available. While you can usually claim the same offers at browser-based and app-based betting sites, it isn’t always the case. Mobile apps may be worth exploring for those unique, bespoke, one-of-a-kind bonuses.
  • You won’t be surprised to learn that many mobile payment methods also spring up on these betting apps. You may be able to deposit and pay via your phone credit or bill. While not generally available as withdrawal options, these are still a perk to the platform.

The Pitfalls of a Mobile Betting App in India

As touched on above, there are a few pitfalls to using Android or is betting apps in India. While these are not as numerous, it is still worth going over them. Here are the key terms that you need to be aware of before you wager with apps:

  • Any betting app will normally need to be downloaded. This is troublesome for those with limited space. Moreover, they regularly need updating. Security updates, redesigns, and additional software are all reasons to update your app. Apps need updating so frequently that space could be an issue. Moreover, the older your device is, the less likely it is that the app will work flawlessly.
  • While having mobile payment options is a benefit when depositing, you can’t use these for withdrawals. You’re going to need another option to process withdrawals, making them useless for some.

Can I Find Betting Apps in All Indian Sportsbooks?

Oddly enough, no. As touched on, many Indians favour the browser-based form of gameplay. Not everybody has space on their phones and tablets for more apps. We use apps for everything nowadays, so space is always going to be an issue. It is typically only the more famous, mainstream sportsbooks that have apps for betting online. Most of the smaller domains prefer to opt for the browser-based experience. Make no mistake about it, though; the bigger sites also offer an HTML5 browser-based option if you want it.

Most betting apps can offer you an array of markets to bet on. You’re at least going to find cricket, football, and basketball options. Indian specialities like Kabaddi betting are possibilities. You’ll also find the full array of seasonal sports, American sports, and major tournaments. With some applications, it may be possible to play live, in-play bets, accumulators and even cash out winnings early.

What About Casinos?

It isn’t just sportsbooks that support betting apps. You can also find these at selected Indian casino sites. The experience you’ll get with casino apps tends to be more bespoke than the browser-based experience. This is because not all internet casino games are mobile optimised. Naturally, all the ones found on an app will be. However, we’d say that there are “fewer” casino apps than there are apps for sportsbooks.

Wondering what you can play at Indian casinos? Virtually everything you would expect to see in any conventional casino. Casino apps are home to slot games and both RNG (random number generator) and live casino table games. Sites are also supporting video poker, bingo, lottery games, instant win titles and much more besides. In the best casino apps, you’ll find games from dozens of software providers. Don’t be surprised to see a library of over a thousand games, sometimes many more.

All-In-One Betting Sites Are Ideal for Betting Apps

The best gambling option (if you can find it) is an all-in-one betting site. These are domains that offer both sports betting and casino games alike. Some may also offer poker, bingo, and other gambling options. These are usually the biggest, most mainstream betting sites, and yes, they will typically offer apps. Typically considered the best betting apps you can find; we’ve included some of these in our list above.

Finding the Best Indian Betting Apps Online

There is a set of criteria you can follow to find the best Indian betting apps online. Of course, we’d recommend using our array of recommended sites. Our team has personally vetted each of these to ensure that they are safe. If you want to go it alone, though, we do have some advice for you:

  • Generally speaking, you can use the same criteria to find betting applications as you would sportsbooks and casinos. We’ve got guides that deal with these to help you. In short, they should be licensed and regulated but also provide fair play and responsible gambling tools.
  • At the same time, betting apps should be available to play in English or Hindi if you require. They should support India-centric payment methods and have bonuses that Indians can claim. India-centric customer support is also advantageous. Of course, all betting apps should accept the Indian rupee (INR) currency option.
  • You should also look for mobile betting options. These specialist options include mobile payment methods and mobile-only bonuses and promos. Not all betting applications offer these, but the best ones will.
  • If you want to bet on real sports, ensure that the site you choose has a top array of markets. Having a wealth of markets and selections via a browser-based site is one thing. You need to ensure that the apps you want to play with are also supporting those selections. At least most of them need to be represented.
  • The same is true of casino apps. If you want to play internet casino games alongside sports bets, then your apps must offer them. The more variety you can find in the options offered, the better the app.
  • Again, if you aren’t sure what to look for, we’re here to help. Our selection of recommended betting apps is just the ticket to finding somewhere to play.

Join India’s Best Online Betting Apps Today

If you think you’re ready to bet on apps, then we’re here to help. Head up to our list of recommended betting apps. There you will find a selection of trusted, regulated, and certified sites. Any of these will fit the bill nicely, and all have our seal of approval. Our team has vetted each of them. If you need a bit more advice, we’ve put together an FAQ guide for you below. Let’s end by looking at that.

FAQS – We Answer Your Betting App Questions

If you still have questions and queries related to gambling via betting apps, we’re here to help. Here are answers to some popular questions and queries:

Can I find betting apps at all Indian sportsbooks and casinos?

No. Only some Indian casinos and sportsbooks will support mobile betting apps. However, you can always play at all sites (in theory) using the browser based HTML5 platform.

What operating systems do betting apps run on?

This will vary from casino to casino. Most betting sites with apps will run on Android-powered devices. Some also support iOS, although these are not as common as Android betting apps.

Can I place mobile bets without an app at Indian sites?

Yes, as mentioned, there are always HTML5-developed, browser-based sites. These are designed to run out of the box on whatever device you have at hand.

Can sports betting apps be used to play casino games?

Again, this is something that is going to vary from site to site. At some Indian betting sites, you’ll have no problem doing so. However, the same can’t be said of all sites. Some sports betting apps are only for sports, while others are more flexible.

Can I play poker games on betting apps at Indian sites?

Again, this is something that you’re going to find changes regularly. At some sites, this won’t be a problem. It all depends on what poker games a site offers and the operator in question.

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